Extractor Corporation was founded in 1983 for the express purpose of developing, manufacturing, and marketing a completely new product, which was a swimsuit water extractor.

The development of the product took approximately two years and the first SUITMATE® swimsuit water extractor, was sold in December of 1985. Since the sale of the first unit, almost twenty thousand units have been sold and can be found in all fifty of the United States and in over forty-eight foreign countries. It is found in Health and Sport Clubs, YMCA’s, YWCA’s, Colleges and Universities, Graduate Schools and High Schools, JCC’s, Wellness Centers, Hotels and Motels, and any place where a swimming pool or spa might be found.

Extractor Corporation has dedicated itself to this one product. While making improvements to SUITMATE®, we have continued to maintain an easy to use, high quality product. Customer satisfaction is a prime concern of Extractor Corporation and we take pride in providing our product and service to all of our customers in a timely and efficient manner.