Michael Weiss

2014 US National Swim Team

During swim meets the SUITMATE® is great because I don’t have to sit in a wet suit between events.


Rayana Spa Manager, Abu Dhabi

Rayana Spa has been working with SUITMATE® since we opened our doors in December 2011. Our Spa guests and Fitness Centre members find the convenience and ease-of-use functionality of SUITMATE® as a value-added benefit to their visit of Rayana Spa, and our outdoor swimming pool.

Mike McMahon

General Manager at Pinnacle Health and Fitness

We have a couple of SUITMATE® units here in the building and we’ve had them since 2007. The units work great and our members use them constantly. The auto shut off feature is a great feature that helps us conserve energy and the customer service has always been fantastic.

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